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    I'm a software engineer, I spend most of my week days in front of a computer either working on one of my own projects or working out of my books while learning a new language. I've come back with a re-branding that fits my goals and I plan on being as active as I can be. I will start developing scripts as a way to help get more experience writing in Java. I'm pretty happy I've come back knowing I have the knowledge to try things I haven't before. Here's to a good time!

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  1. I have a question. If you make the hasmap(11, 11) and than put in 11 items inside wouldn't it double in size? Or only if the number of items increments past 11?
  2. Kuscko

    IDE for GUI

    I've been programming in eclipse and using NetBeans for creating my GUIs. But, I am looking to try an IDE that does both for Java. If you happen to know any I'd like to hear it so I can try it out. Cheers! Kuscko.
  3. While working with @HarmedOreIsLeet today and finding a solution to his problem what was created is a batch script that launches CLI_Launcher.bat files for your TRiBot clients, then exports the name of each file and the related PID to those files and saves them to a csv file that you can be opened or imported to excel. Now to go over how to configure your batch file. 1st: cd "C:\Users\Work\Desktop" You must change this to be the directory that has the folder your batch files are in. For instance if your batch files are in "C:\Users\Work\Desktop\Server" then you want it to be, "C:\Users\Work\Desktop" Quotations are required 2nd: set folder=Server You must change “Server” to match the name of the folder your batch files are in. 3rd: "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\batch.csv" It is recommended to leave this in your documents folder but if you’re like me and your documents folder is full of other folders than you can change the file path or put it into a folder on your desktop using this file path and changing “File name” to match the actual file name on your desktop. "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Filename\batch.csv" :: Server Clients Launcher setlocal enabledelayedexpansion cd "C:\Users\Work\Desktop" set folder=Server FOR %%a in (%folder%\*.bat) DO ( call %%a set UserID=%%~na for /f "TOKENS=1" %%p in ('wmic PROCESS where "Name='java.exe'" get ProcessID ^| findstr [0-9]') do set MyPID=%%p echo !UserID! , !MyPID! >> "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\batch.csv" timeout 10 ) Save this with whatever name you want but it must have the .bat extension. You can do this by saving it in a text file in notpad. Select file > save as, then chose the name you want the file to be and add the .bat extension to the end.
  4. Neither am I but I have a lot of time on my hands and I'm stubborn until I find a solution. Some help would be to explain what the hell this CLI is and how I can access it because I can't find any information except updates on the TRiBot notes, releases of a CLI than different child releases of that CLI- however none of those pages explain how to use it.
  5. I'm doing research on CLI batch since that's new to me with TRiBot. I'll see if I can create something that outputs the pid otherwise.
  6. It's alright, It's why I am asking questions so I can determine what you want and try to solve the problem. Could you send me a skeleton of the batch file you're using, if you have it. I will put in my own account information so I can test it and then I can try to create a solution for you.
  7. So you're trying to determine each client's pid as you launch it. Since in your own command prompt it doesn't differentiate.
  8. I'm trying to understand, so are you trying to find each individual tab's pid. (Like: acc1>39821, acc2> 54723, acc3> 55978), and not just the client's PID which would look like this. Are you trying to pull each PID every time you run a .batch file for your accounts on the CLI?
  9. Kuscko

    2 day or perm?

    They've been cracking down for a long while. I'm pretty sure this has been the case for a few years that it's mainly a permanent ban. I've only ever seen people get two days if they're a main that as zdogg said, commonly the case.
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Kuscko. However I was also known as §parks. I'm re-branding myself to a more relevant name that relates to what's happen to me over the last four years so that it represents who I am and who I want to be. I'm pretty happy with the direction I'm moving in and hopefully I can start making some cool content to try out and getting back to being active in the community through chats. It's nice to meet any new and see any old faces out there If you're seeing this pretty late, Happy Holidays!
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