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  1. its just left clicking my pouches and not working.. they need to be right clicking to fill? I paid for the life time script and now it wont even work after getting it again you're kidding me lol
  2. Yeah I see that, it’s not fair to the people who only bot on one account and paid good money for the script . People who bot 10+ accounts I understand but they’re people who are just casual and don’t think that way.
  3. This is not fair, I shouldn’t have to pay twice for something I already bought and honestly we should be grandfathered in.. I gave $29 for a rune crafting script that they away from me. Probably about 75$ in scripts .
  4. I've been taking a break for about a year and i get back to find all the scripts i had lifetime subs for are gone? I've already bought this script and I really don't think i should have to buy it twice,,
  5. So ive used this before and i payed for it.. would love to again but you took away the weekly purchase WHY? LOLOLOL your scripts are the best.
  6. I've been in motherlode and im almost 85 coming up on 82 right now. but id rather bot something with more xp an hour if its possible !
  7. Spent 6.50 on VIP but i meant to get VIP-E can someone please help! i ahve the exrta 2 credits
  8. You shouldn't die if you use a Camelot tab.. its basically simple to see... just fuck with the script a second until it works i died twice today but its running great now!
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