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  1. After this morning's update the script misclicks the "search item" box in the bank window. Therefore it cant withdrawal food and dodgy necklaces. I am thieving from master farmers at north ardy. Would you please check this out?
  2. Hello, it appears the script is crashing/ending right after starting. Would you please have a look ?
  3. How's your farm going? Any new conglusions?
  4. Jlaz

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    What level did you start using this script at?
  5. Jlaz

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Is it still going ?
  6. Let us know when the hopping is fixed ? I'd like to buy up wine supplies at RFD chest w/ my ironman once the script is ready
  7. That worked - all fixed now. As a frenchman would say, "gud sheit".
  8. Hey Aropupu, there's just one issue with the aMiner script at the motherload mine. Immediately after depositing paydirts in the cart, the bot climbs up the ladder to the level 2 platform and then goes back down to empty the sack and collect the ores. It does this every time and it's very bot-like. This issue just started occurring. Is this something you could look into?
  9. I can't add potions in the GUI; It won't populate in the GUI's table when I try to add strength and attack potions. Would you please provide instructions on how to use pots?
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