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  1. From what I have seen, it is Trawler that is heavily flagged as well. Since 1/20 accounts make it through trawler and the one that does (usually if it finishes the set in less than 3 hrs) gets banned within 1-2 days max
  2. @Encoded Hello sir, good day. I have been posting on your threads for weeks asking if the minnows or trawler is going to be updated and I havent received a reply. Can you just please reply and let us know if you will be updating anything or are you just waiting for our monthly subscription to end again? I realized that anyone who tries to find out this information gets "warned" by mods.
  3. Now if you are lucky to make it past trawler (maybe like 1/20 chance) then u usually get banned after 2 days of minnow
  4. Yes. Ive been using the script for month. I know the script is detectable now as well as everyone else. Scroll up and read the comments.
  5. Confirmed, Trawler is instant banned. If by some miracle you dont get banned then you will get banned in Minnows 100%. Lost over 30+ accounts in the last week or two just trying to make it to minnows (all with 82 fishing) Dont even have a single account running and will not rebuy this script until the scripter decides to fix it.
  6. @Encoded Can you just please reply for once? Are you planning on fixing the minnows/trawler part of the script? right now its an instant ban..
  7. @Encoded Any plans to update trawler/minnows? Right now its insta ban if you bot Trawler/Minnows. Banned on 20+ accs in the last week alone. Nothing survives...
  8. If he scrolls up he would have seen that @Encoded Replied to all comments and skipped mine...Little does he realize that the same thing happened with Zulrah, it was profiled and insta banned but Worthy rewrote parts of the script and fixed the issue.
  9. @reanox He clearly doesnt care because he replies to everyone else beside our posts. He has made enough from the sales of the script to not have to care about us anymore. @Encoded
  10. The script gets you banned within a few hours of starting Fishing Trawler. @Encoded Do you ever plan to reply to the thread or even say if you're gonna update the script or anything or have you made enough money to not care anymore.
  11. Trawler and minnows are very high ban rate atm, was banned within a few hours of doing trawler on almost all accounts. This script is definitely flagged and I dont recommend anyone buy it or use it until it is updated or something is fixed.. Everyone is crying for an update but the scripter doesnt seem to care @Encoded
  12. @Encoded All I want to know is if you will be changing anything with the minnows? If you scroll up and read everyone says that they are getting banned (Most of them have 15-30B profit from the script) obviously something has changed since accounts last no more than a few days... You even said above "Yes" to the profiling. Are you going to update anything or just be oblivious like you always are?
  13. Yeah it works but the accounts get banned in a few days of botting... Do you use the same breaks everyday? How many hrs a day do you bot them now? @Encoded
  14. @Encoded Will you looking for a way around this profiling anytime soon? Right now Minnow is instaban
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