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  1. best cons script in the game, got 30-99 cons in 3 days!!!
  2. THIS, honestly what a garbage ass decission to implent such dumb ass shit, i'm really tilted
  3. zoxie

    Fucking joke.

    agreed, this is some garbage ass shit, no1 asked for this and it's only fucking shit up
  4. let me rephrase this, this is some garbage ass shit, annoying asf too
  5. I really really dislike this
  6. any chance you could add the option to go to motherlode mining and repair those cranes for smithing exp? it would hop worlds and just repair really chill ironman training method with 0 cost
  7. makes me very very happy to hear, tysm
  8. hey, love the script, can you add the option to tele through zanaris with dramen stafff, banks there and returns? way easier for lower lvl ironman
  9. how's this still open? mind baffling
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