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  1. "Clickbait title" (not listed in rules, and first offense on account with 100% positive FB) Impossible to do without back end access to OSBots forum logs/database Why would I do that when I can pay $9 a month and focus on actually making money? We do actually have a client of our own but I do not use it for the mass tutorial creation
  2. Let's take apart this desperate attempt to recover income by saving face piece by piece. Total fabricated lie. Please post evidence. Not exactly a lie, just stupidity. I said that I emulated laptop touch screen, not tablet. Two very different things. You have no evidence of this whatsoever. In fact, this was already discussed on OSBot forums, where I showed in code that I did in fact not use your terrible interaction code, but instead submitted custom events via "bot.getMouseEventHandler().generateBotMouseEvent" which is literally nothing more than a conve
  3. thats not good ... I need to switch to discord. It's the smoking rabbit. Of course account selling is against the rules, I was going to help OP setup his system.
  4. Add my skype, colby.mcdowell 800,000+ accounts created, I will get you setup. Please ask for a PM here to verify.
  5. Not even sure if this is technically allowed, but I want to save people from experiencing the same troubles I did. This is in no way meant to absolve myself of any actions i have taken, but merely to share my experience with others to advise them to stay clear of that place altogether. For some background, I am one of the largest account makers in the RS2 marketplace, with over 800,000 sold this year alone. This was no small task and it took me 8 hours a day for upwards of six months to get the operation running, which included breaking Jagex's detection methods for tutorial island. Aft
  6. Wines are much heavier and dont boost your stats
  7. Minimum sale 1M Kebabs. Accepting OSRS. BTC if you go first. PM me. Kebab effects upon eating: 8.7% = The Kebab didn't seem to do a lot. 61.4% = It heals some health. (The Kebab heals 10% of your life points) 21.4% = That was a good Kebab. You feel a lot better. (10-20 HP) 3.65% = Wow that was an amazing kebab! You feel slightly invigorated. (heals you up to 30 HP, raises atk, str, and def stats by 2-3) (Warning side effects may include: Loss of HP, and temporary loss of skills. Or even boosted skills such as firemaking. Using with low health is not advised as ther
  8. I need axes iron through adamant, 10,000 of each per week. Paying in OSRS. I will take partial but not less than 1,000 of each axe of 5,000 of any individual axe. Paying ~200%~ osbuddy guide price. PM me
  9. Just a warning: there is currently someone idling in F2P worlds with a bot that automatically reads usernames of players with moderate level stats, and tried to register [email protected]/yahoo/hotmail.com and recover the password. So if these guys used accounts with the format [email protected] it could be hacked and recovered this way en mass. Source: i sell tutorial accounts and saw users hacked for over 5,000 accounts in 1 day, all in the same area.
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