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  1. @Encoded @Wastedbro
  2. YoHoJo


    Oh, misread. Same advice, minus the "Looks like it may be firewall related, contacting your VPS host with the error may help." part "Google "java.net.SocketException: SOCKS: Connection not allowed by ruleset" for more info."
  3. YoHoJo

    Where to buy accounts?

    Sythe & PlayerAuctions are good places to find accounts to buy. Make sure you trade someone with good reputation.
  4. YoHoJo


    Google "java.net.SocketException: SOCKS: Connection not allowed by ruleset" for more info. Looks like it may be firewall related, contacting your VPS host with the error may help.
  5. Tell him which Java version and client is working for you
  6. Run the tribot jar via command line, paste the error message. Step 3 here - https://windowsreport.com/jar-file-windows/
  7. Answer above is still correct. Recurring only deducts from your available credit balance, it doesn't charge your $ account.
  8. You can log, but you can't hide. TRiBot mods are all good boys.
  9. Can Google "private socks5 proxy" to find lots to providers. Some people are weary about sharing providers as they believe more botters using the same site will cause it to become more flagged.
  10. Uninstall all Java. (Can search for tools online to do even more thorough Java installs) Install just the latest JDK8 from the Java website. On the TRiBot loader, make sure JDK 8 is selected in the Java version box. Trick 'Console Mode. Post screenshot/text of exact error you get.
  11. Nice guide, very useful and straight to the point
  12. Please post script specific issues on the script thread. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/45256-posting-a-proper-script-bug-report/
  13. @McCune @botter7383 Refunded, please chat before ordering next time. Been really busy with work, so it took a while.
  14. oh mi gaaaa! Amazing work @wastedbro
  15. Yes, you can set your bank pin in the TRiBot account manager.
  16. YoHoJo

    Basic Motherlode

    Whadid you call my mother?!
  17. Install latest JDK 8, select that on the Java Version box on the TRiBot loader. https://javarevisited.blogspot.com/2015/05/fixing-unsupported-majorminor-version.html https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22489398/unsupported-major-minor-version-52-0
  18. Yes some private clients exist, and they may have lower ban rates, due to less usage. But It's in developers' best interest to create the best client and features possible. Lots of people have great success with TRiBot.
  19. YoHoJo

    Basic Motherlode

    Einstein keeps pumping them out, yee haw!
  20. Oh mi gaaa, another one! Release the tools people really need, nice stuff
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