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  1. how do you set it to pick up marks of grace everytime.. instead of between breaks and stuff
  2. Does any one have any good agility scripts that have ABC2 support. Any recommended scripts, looking for free script. or if its a great script willing to pay.
  3. Can someone send a link or video tutorial on how to download the most recent jagex to use for looking glass. i need to redownload everything. please and thank you.
  4. Why is no one here to help anyone. Ive spent "x" amount of dollars on this website and still looking glass is NOT even running properly. It has the most lag ever. SCRIPTS DO NOT WORK, IT IS SUCH A JOKE. I can run a script on the regular client and it works fine.. but im not paying for that. im paying for looking glass, so why is this such a huge problem that no one seems to know the answer to or can help..? wheres all the master botters at? SOMEBODY PLEASE JUST HELP ME.
  5. i think im missing some sort of software or something
  6. is anyone else's looking glass being strange. i can get logged on but every time i use a script it only lasts for about 2 minutes. am i doing something wrong or am i missing something. ive used the same script a week ago and it works great, i just dont know if anyone else is having this problem with looking glass.
  7. Shoutoutz

    Glass Looking

    Can somebody please help me set up the looking glass client..
  8. no looking glass.. and f2p, also i guess i was breaking, just burning yew logs
  9. firemaking. w/ tri firemaker script
  10. I got banned earlier this morning and obviously it was for botting. I do not understand why I am spending money just to get banned. If someone one could just tell me a few things or give me some insight on how to not get banned that would be awesome, also this is my 3rd account. I use poxies, I do not bot for more than 8 hours a day, why am I getting banned. p.s. is there any scripts that are guaranteed to not get you banned.. like 100% sure, bc they all seem to have fails.
  11. Is there an update or something going on that I am unaware of? When i click 'start script' the box pulls up but all my scripts are missing?? I even tried to deactivate then reactivate them. Still nothing is showing up. Someone please help
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