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  1. Not anymore. I'm done using Tribot because of this. Cheers
  2. You fail to see where I am coming from. I bought them SOLOLY because I play VERY rarely. I bought them with the intention of having them for LIFE. I don't goldfarm, I don't bot often, and I barely play the game to begin with. It's just something I like to have open while I am at work so I can keep an eye on it. Cheaper prices means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when all you buy is lifetime scripts. Because then ITS NOT CHEAPER
  3. That is an outrage. When this happens in every single other instance that has ever happened those individuals are grandfathered in. Not kicked to the curb. I've spent roughly $100 on these scripts and maybe only used them 2-3 times each at most. A bad taste in my mouth was made Tribot. This was a bad move.
  4. I bought 7-9 scripts total, somewhere around that number back in September 2017 that were for lifetime. Now I'm seeing they expire this year in September, meaning I only got a year out of them. Was there something I missed? I bought these lifetime cause I only play maybe twice a year, if I knew that they would expire I would have only been buying for a month at a time. Pretty irritated about that, coming back and finding this out. Can someone shed some light on why I am seeing this? Here is a picture of what I am seeing: http://prntscr.com/k3zl44
  5. https://gyazo.com/47f861d237caaa584aacf720ba297d4c This is all I'm getting with Motherload Mining This is all it does, and I've tried a few setting changes. This is NOT LG, and I've tried restarting the client several times. There is nothing being logged in either the client debug or the bot debug
  6. Wow man! Great release ! Will absolutely test this when I make it hope. Hope to see this kept up with and available to use for many months.
  7. Two things right out the gate: 1) I had a task list for progressive crafting leather. Some of the tasks were just skipped right over and then the script logged the account out as the required level wasn't achieved in order to craft the particular item because a task or two was skipped. 2) The bot does not work with Hard-Leather bodies at all. [17:15:28] java.lang.NullPointerException [17:15:28] at scripts.crafter.data.LeatherArmor.G(LeatherArmor.java:70) [17:15:28] at scripts.crafter.b.z.G(CraftArmor.java:32) [17:15:28] at scripts.alphascripts.b.z.G(Employer.java:41) [17:15:28] at scripts.alphascripts.b.z.G(Employer.java:32) [17:15:28] at scripts.crafter.AlphaCrafter.run(AlphaCrafter.java:121) [17:15:28] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)
  8. Hello Tri! New owner of the script here! Loving what I'm seeing thus far, EXCELLENT work! Just wondering if there is splashing support for this. If so, how do I set this up? Thank you in advanced, I've also added you on skype. Alongside this post. Does this support sand/rock crabs as well for single spot afking?
  9. Might I suggest changing the pathing for Rune Mysteries? Instead of using the WEST side exit out of the castle, it goes all the way around to the east exit. Not familiar with the client itself, I have yet to actually inspect it. Not sure if this is apart of the tri-bot pathing itself or your code. Thought I'd put that minor adjustment in there. --Edit-- This is for the start of the quest and running to the wizard. Not sure if it did this anywhere else, I'm sure it did. Just wasn't paying attention.
  10. Ohh, PvP related. No wonder I have no idea what it meant. Thanks!
  11. http://usa-tribot.org/agility/statistics.php If you look at this, plenty of people have been using the past few days. My guess is completely user-related. Ensure you are reading what everyone is saying here and ensuring your settings are correct.
  12. Don't want to sound un-informed here, but what is an auto-switcher anyway?
  13. Unable to edit above post for whatever reason. Getting errors no matter what I do. Using aMinerV1 without problems. Would like to buy/use the premium version. However can't see myself just yet with the trial not working.
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