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  1. So I re-downloaded RSbuddy (Cross-Platform) version, and LG shows the screen now, but the client becomes un-clickable and unresponsive, until I close the tribot client again.
  2. everyone is having the same issue with LG.
  3. My LG still not working for me ?
  4. I was power mining Iron in alkharid 10-12 hours daily, and yes it was usually 7 hr and then 3-4 hours
  5. Be careful guys, I just got permed my maxed zerk account, finally lol! I managed to get 99 att str rng and hp, and made it all the way up to 81 mining, Good luck guys!
  6. Hi, for some reason the bot is not working at all. I select powermining and it just stays there doing nothing. Thanks.
  7. hi assume, I bought the script before you took over for the lifetime option, for some reason its not working now, like i click refresh and no npc comes out
  8. As I complain, I compliment; the script is working great now thanks! Only yielding around 150k xp per hr at level 96, but still better than clicking it myself! good job
  9. @Mute I would like to know how did you fix the other people's problems; they seem to be the same problem I'm having. Thanks. I've been trying to do different set-ups, doing different options and stuff, but still no good result, it still says "drinking prayer potion" and not doing anything.
  10. @Mute so as other people stated, the script is not working. It starts good, then it just doesn't do a thing. I'm not filling a bug report since other people already have said something about it. It just feels like I literally just "Donated" towards this script and not "purchased". It is just sad since I really had hopes for this script since you are a moderator. I already tried clicking the "printer" icon, and it said something but didn't do anything.
  11. @Mute every now and then it spaces out, not attacking nor drinking anything. Also it would be nice to take off the "renew skeletons" since skeletons that will spawn will keep attacking you regardless.
  12. Any update on how is the script running? average xp/rates for different range levels?
  13. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/11639-199910m◄combat-aio-premium►banking-aio-fighterwebwalking150-hour-proggieover-14-years-of-runtimeover-5-billion-xp-gained/ Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/11639-199910m◄combat-aio-premium►banking-aio-fighterwebwalking150-hour-proggieover-14-years-of-runtimeover-5-billion-xp-gained/ Price you paid for script: 19.99 How many auths you bought:1 Date purchased: 4/9/15 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: Just look in the thread. If you find any response to the 1000 people trying to co
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