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  1. Spiritual Creatures: [12:40:57] Script Started: ARKSlayer Pro. [12:40:57] Initialised ArkSlayer Version 1.72 [12:40:57] Disabled all randoms. [12:40:57] [Antiban] ABC2: Leaving client screen [12:41:09] Saved GUI settings at: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\arkslayerpro_settings.ini [12:41:09] Chosen Slayer Master: Vannaka [12:41:10] [Thread Management] Started Calculations Thread... [12:41:10] [Thread Management] Started Cannonball Tracker Thread... [12:41:12] [Task Management] We need a new task. [12:41:14] [Task Management] Task we have been assigned is: Spiritual
  2. Another bug. Whenever the script cancels a task, the script stops itself. It happened back to back right now. Canceled earth warriors and the script stopped and then spiritual creatures again the script stopped. Maybe you can push both fix together
  3. Huge bug. I just finished black dragon task. It wears the necklace of passage and does nothing. Keeps getting hit by black dragons and keeps eating. It's calculating the route is my guess.
  4. I just used cannon for the first time. I din know that it'd take cannon everywhere. Wouldn't it be nice to take cannon to relevant task like daggonath or kalphites (multi). What's the two new feature?
  5. This script was the main reason i bought VIP. Was sad that it became premium. But I'd definitely buy it if Nieve is added and is as stable as it was.
  6. I wanna know how it'll work. If I get a task from Nieve which the script doesn't still support it'll just skip it? Or it'll stop?
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