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  1. do u not have a discord? also the bot gets stuck everytime it goes to tp with ring of dueling
  2. i keep getting this message, after my tribot client crashed, its been doing this for a solid 15 mins
  3. actually, i just watched it, it just dies right before clicking prayer pots. ill take gif later and send it to u if u still need, but i gotta go to work now thank u for the fast reply tho!
  4. it keeps leaving nmz and going to get one single prayer potion, when it still has 27 in its inventory lost like 60k so far because i didnt realize it was doing that
  5. i was using LG, i was using my proxy through windows
  6. this script got me banned. new account, new proxy. only used this script. also i use residential proxy. i was using breaks also. im just letting yall know what happened to me. might not happen to everyone but it did happen to me.
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