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  1. Anyone know any vps that can run 1 or 2 clients? I tried vpsgamers but their vps was extremely laggy and had like 3fps. Anyone know any good vps?
  2. Not using lg. Nah its not the same as that topic, i can open many clients and they are smooth, but randomly after like 5hrs or so a few of the clients drop significantly.
  3. Guys im running a few clients, all of them minimised. This usually puts the cpu usage to 16% for each client. Sometimes i check up on the accs to notice 1 or 2 clients with very low fps which causes alot more deaths and unplayable, but also like 35% cpu usage. Any idea how to fix this? This is all while the other clients are running perfectly fine.
  4. Yo how long do you reckon the re write will take?
  5. Pls fix the bank withraw issue, gets stuck with "enter amount"
  6. Bahaha thats embarrassing, thought i was browsing the last page. Buttt i guess it can still apply
  7. In theorey thats what it is, but then u account for supply cost, account cost, bond, vip cost etc and those numbers shrink But in saying that, this script is honestly flawless.
  8. Hey guys, ive noticed that the client freezes randomly and the script stops. This has happened twice now, 30mins in and 2.5hrs in, whereby I come back and theres a still image of the account where it was last before the freeze, and you cant click on anything in the game or on the client, so you have to close it and restart. Any idea how to fix this?
  9. If I minimize or disable graphics, my bot begins to break (using zulrah) but if I keep the screen open, it works fine. Is there a solution to this?
  10. I know this is kinda a stupid question, but I'm still new to this. Say I bot 5-10 hrs a day using this script and take precautions (LG, breaks, off-jagex times), how long should I expect this to last on average? Thanks!
  11. UPDATE - Finally found the solution to this problem omg! You need to delete the .tribot file and it should work. I noticed that if you play around with osbuddy like using "look up" features, it will stuff it up. If that happens u need to keep deleting the .tribot file and it should get back to normal. I suggest u open up osbuddy and tribot, run the script and DONT touch osbuddy. This has also solved the problem of the break handler not following the correct input break durations.
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