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  1. Bot runs perfectly when hotkeys are toggled off. Thanks for the script!
  2. Does TriBot accept recurring PayPal invoices for VIP Extended?

  3. In terms of your security; Would recommend blocking out your total experience. If you get popular & leveled enough, you may be tracked from your total experience. In terms of the series. Not much really, video seemed pretty good & your voice isn't annoying Keep it up!
  4. You can core down on your problem easily. Try creating an account on a VPN - your IP address may be blocked. Try creating the account on RS3 and login to OSRS - OSRS registration may be bugged. Alternatively, contact Jagex/RS.
  5. Hello people, I'm KomodoByte - little name for my business. I'm a Graphics and Web Designer looking to expand on my skills, clean the dust off my Java programming skills and getting to know different people! I hope to fit in well here and get to know many people.
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