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  1. I'm a software engineer and I somehow have a lot of free time at the moment. Anyone that have some scripts that they need? I have never done any scripts in OSRS but it seems pretty easy with the library. Give me something.
  2. Heya, so anyone know what bots people use for classic? I just want one to level, nothing else really.
  3. So I have like 15 euros left on my steam acc and I'm currently a poor ass uni student, I'd rather not buy runescape gold otherwise but I cba to grind for gold lmao. So I guess it'll work by we adding eachother on discord and then steam? and then meet up ingame and then I give you whatever you want, I can go first no problems, I dont care about 10 euros honestly so.
  4. Whats their names? are they legit ? Like, people always say theres so many clients with lots of op shit etc.. where tf do I find these? help? lol.
  5. Feels like this botting program and this site is pretty much dead, is anyone running it? Non-updated scripts being featured and sold, who knows what's working or not these days? low amount of scripts.. Why are there scripts from 2013 on the site still ? Theres not even a working green dragon killer anymore. Wheres the new scripts? Why dont tribot hire someone to actually make some bots that work?
  6. agro36

    Flax spinning

    All of the current ones are broken / not working at all. Anyone that can do one that works?
  7. How can all flax spinning scripts be broken? like most of them can go to the bank, go to the wheel but then nothing. can someone make one that works?
  8. Can add that this script just seems shitty as hell, I mean what the hell is going on? its walking back to lumb like 3 times trying to tp somewhere? when i have all the things and selected the correct stuff. Havent looted more than 100 dbones / hides over the course of like 12hours since I bought it.
  9. Mine seriously just tped out for basically no reason, tried to switch to world 65 according to some api 5000 times but it missclicked on world 62 all the time and wouldve been stuck there if i didnt see it.
  10. So I really don't remember any script or tribot using this much cpu. It it really going from 5% to like 30% for no reason.. i have a i5 3570k at 4,5ghz clocked.. I just dont get why its suddenly using this much for no reason.. could my java version be a reason? i lowered the fps thingy to like almost the lowest, minimize it but it still spikes to like 30. this becomes a huge problem when i play games like dota2, wow and such and i run 2 clients.. and it will result in my cpu sitting at 95-100%
  11. This is awesome, I am buying it right now and I was just wondering if we can expect some more quests, if you made and added all f2p quests i am sure your sales would sky rocket.
  12. Whats the difference between the ultimate gdk and the other one? i only see the price differencen othing else.
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