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  1. How much would I be looking at for one of the two
  2. Hey there does it also rock cake ive got a pure and main id love to do it on but when i have rockcake set it doesnt eat down i dont think somethings not right so confusing cause of all the other stuff in gui
  3. Yeah If only i wasnt poorer then any cunt i know... How much is it roughly for a decent computer to run 20ish bots? Like 2 grand aye ://
  4. You sure you're logging into the same account thats vip on forums
  5. Ahh thats pre fkn ez thanks man definitely getting into this
  6. Mad bloke How hard are all requirements to get much questing?
  7. Bruh is there even still ftp thinks that make 200k an hour even
  8. Anyone know how to make there own webwalking thing Would anyone be able to tell me how to do it Am i basically able to make my own complete fighting bot on anything like rebanking and all and running back to that spot and rebanking back to the spot etc
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