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  1. @Assume script works good but is there a way to stop having the bot click on minimap to attack a monster rather than just rotate screen and attack it? also when it goes to attack monster while running it will attempt to right click the npc and not get the attack option until after a couple tries. The world hopper also tries to hop to the same world it is logged into.
  2. Anyone got any tips for using this to minimize ban? how many hours per days/breaks etc
  3. Not sure what happened but its not typing out my message when selling. It was when i first started the bot.
  4. What's best setup? How many overloads, prayer pots or absorption potions do i bring? If i use pray pots how much money do i lose verse absorption potions?
  5. can you have it put up the coins or items in like 10-30 secs? Make its more human like. Putting it up right away is a dead give away. I'm sure that's how jagex is banning people.
  6. misclicks on raw fish too. Like 3 - 4 times
  7. Tries to use food on range with door closed at catherby...
  8. Please add support to start from other places. Not just at dragons. Death walking doesn't reequip and walk back to varrock.
  9. Damn rs updates are annoying
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