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  1. I used a mining script awhile back and a thieving script. I think they got it off those. Because I have maxed accounts using this script
  2. I received a one day ban off this. I do two games a day. I lowkey think they pulled the ban out their ass.
  3. Nevermind. Problem fixed!
  4. Then it runs to the bank and logs out. It might have just been a 1 day glitch. Because I deleted my hooks twice and then have been starting it in nmz. Since I have had zero problems.
  5. Just an update. I have found that sometimes all the script wants to do is move to the bank and log out. However, if you put the script in the zone, it will just act normally and not try to head to a bank. If anyone else is experiencing this after deleting hooks, try my suggestion.
  6. Sweet Script. However it will bug out sometimes. I've done 80-90 strength with it. Yet I only do 2 hour increments twice a day.
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