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  1. 30 or 90 Day?: 30 Quantity:3 Contacting me through Skype or PM: Yes on skype Payment Method: 07 rsgp Will you go first or MM: No Will you leave FB?: Yes
  2. 2.5m add my skype tygakonami
  3. ill sell you 4 for 10m. add my skype tygakonami we can use a mm
  4. All pins are 2.5m, just sold another one! SFS!!!!!
  5. Add my skype tygakonami ill sell for 2.5m
  6. I have one that links to the account, add me if you are interested tygakonami
  7. ORDER FORM: What type of trade: Have you and your partner sent a request on Skype: Have you both agreed to use a MM:
  8. Fix them please, they have been broken for weeks now. I can't run any script on tribot without my bot crashing after 3 hours
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