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  1. Hi I had about 11 credits from a while ago that I won during a Christmas event a year or 2 ago. I was wondering, did I lose them as part of the script marketplace change? Otherwise where can I find them, Thank you.
  2. TY, I'll come back in the future, but I got super lucky at Chamber of Xerics finally!
  3. Does the Profit/Hr account for runes used + other costs? Like for Plank make the cost of Nature/Astals + Coins to make plank? Thank you.
  4. OpenOSRS is just a black screen. Similar to the black screen problem after Jagex updated something on their end. jdk-8u252-x64 is the jdk I installed.
  5. I have the latest OpenOSRS from them (plus im pretty sure it checks for updates on launch). I am using their java.
  6. I'd like to add on to the Looking Glass issue Not working with the .Jar OpenOSRS Says No client found. thank you.
  7. Hi I am doing Plank Make Can you add an afk method, where it just clicks once and then lets the spell make planks on its own? Also add compatibility for "Withdraw All" one click rather than right click > Withdraw X Doesn't make sense (at least for Plank Make) Also some of the Antiban is weird Who the heck right click examines a bank teller...multiple times?? Ty
  8. Buying 20M OSRS GP. Give me your price INCLUDING THOSE PESKY $2/3 DOLLAR FEES YOU GUYS KEEP AT THE VERY END. Thank you.
  9. Request: Bank Organizer Description: Organize items in bank according to categories. Payment Amount: $3 Time: Anytime Additional: Allow user submitted layouts that could be added to script.
  10. Can you add "Esc" to close bank? That's much more human than closing it by pressing the X button. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting 196k xp an hour with gold bars and gold gauntlets
  11. Can rune pouch support for teleport to home be added? Right now it's House Tablet > Castle Wars > House tablet It also seems to hold onto 3 recoil rings: 2 in inventory and 1 equpied I'm just doing 1 kill trips
  12. One more question, is fixed screen size or resizable easier for the bot?
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