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  1. Dharoks pure! I get reckd if I play any other kind of pure lol
  2. I cant figure out how to work the attack style settings? Like I try and change from attack to strength but I must be inputting the wrong number, does anyone know what the numbers are for each attack style? Thanks
  3. Nice looks like your smashing it
  4. Thanks, tried and working so far. Got hit with a big ban hammer yesterday on 5 of my accounts, think they got me through the client because I cant work looking glass
  5. I don't understand how this went from bot farming to becoming a drug dealer, just kidding. Can you post more information on what you are doing? All I'm reading is "i'm currently earning 15-20k this is because I invested 3K" I dont get it enlighten me
  6. So basically I made a bunch of accounts (5) with the fake email thing, some were locked on log in others took a while, (30 mins or so) but eventually all five were locked. Does anyone have a fool proof way to make fresh accounts without them being locked (because of the IP change) i presume. I also think its down to the fact that I cant get my proxys to work on my browser. So I think the account creation and log in (with one IP) then the logging in with my proxy is the thing that is getting them locked, and because they are fake emails I cant recover them. Any tips please, I'm a newbie so please don't hate, thanks.
  7. I didnt find out about this until 5 seconds ago, but i've just signed up for the 12$ a month for 3 proxys. Will this still be good enough to run my 9 bots? (3 a proxy)
  8. I have some difficulty sometimes, have to watch over the script to make sure its running right. Sometimes it gets stuck, have to pause, do the next step and then resume and it works fine from there. But its free so what can you complain about?
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