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  1. Update: The script now uses the special attack orb to activate spec. Glad it's running well! Good idea for the special attack orbs, I've just implemented this. The screenshots are to track your progress with the script as people used to share progress reports all the time, although things seem to have changed and the forums are rather quiet. I could make them optional .
  2. Update: The script now generated the GUI locally instead of relying on pastebin, this will mean the GUI will load for all users no matter on their ISP restrictions . Unfortunately that error doesn't say where in the script it's having an issue, is there more to the debug? Are you using DaxWalker or the blue dragon preset? Yes it supports both Try turning off roofs, if this is still an issue then please take a screenshot of where it's having the issue.
  3. Hey guys, the client is currently having issues fetching the world server list which is causing DaxWalker to freeze / idle. The developers are aware and working on the problem. I will let you know when it's fixed!
  4. Hey guys if you're stilling having issues please join my discord and I can help you set it up via discord / teamviewer . https://discord.gg/cP7a4xz
  5. You can enable "Wait for loot" in the looting settings . Sure I can add that soon. You can also enable "Return to bank after completing slayer task" in your banking settings, and it will bank / logout when you've finished your task. I won't be adding it to this script, but I have a free ranged guild script already (link in my signature).
  6. @hoi123 Both your issues were due to user error. All good now No it doesn't have anti-pk yet. It's a feature I could add over my holiday soon. Hopefully during my holiday break. Unfortunately Myths guild isn't mapped by daxwalker yet. I've notified @dax and @FALSkills and it's on their list . The script is running great!
  7. Update: Fixed an issue with safe spotting using non-combat magic Fixed a combat issue with worldhopping Script will leave Deaths Domain if you accidentally enter while banking at Ferox Enclave. The script is running great! This was a client issue, should be fixed.
  8. Update: The script will now now drink an antifire and enable quick-prayer prior to entering the Rune/Adamant dragon area in Lithkren. The script is running great! Yes if you someone can lend me an account I can add it in today .
  9. Thanks! I've just granted you access. Please give me as much feedback as possible .
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