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  1. Hey sure I can have a look at it, what are the errors you're getting in the client debug? And is it specifically spinners at the portals or all monsters?
  2. That's not quite what I meant Game setting 301 will return 1 when you have a special attack "Primed". Game.getSetting(301) == 0 Game.getSetting(301) == 1 It will help with weapons that don't have an instant special attack, so you don't click the bar multiple times enabling / disabling the spec. Example usage: if(getSpecLevel() >= REQUIRED_SPEC && !isSpecEnabled()){ enableSpec(); }
  3. Nice, you can also check if spec is enabled via settings which can be useful: public boolean isSpecEnabled() { return Game.getSetting(301) == 1; }
  4. Hey I recommend using @Fluffee's server setup for linux servers. Makes setting up linux servers extremely easy . You just need to login to your server and type one line of code and follow the on screen prompts. The result is a server with all the essentials needed for botting, while saving a lot of CPU from using linux instead of windows. I used it a month ago and it all worked perfectly.
  5. Yeah banking is only enabled in the premium version . Lower your fighting distance to 1 or 2 and enable a safe spot, the script will just sit in the spot and auto retaliate this way .
  6. Update: The script will no longer hop to target worlds. If the script is unable to switch to a specific world for some unforeseen reason ( E.G RS updates with a new type of world that has extra dialogue when hopping. ). The script will blacklist that world and choose an alternative. The script is running great.
  7. 4/08/2020 Update: All crabs are now working perfectly again The script will now loot all stacks of your ammo over 1 (Provided you add them to your looting list). It will not pickup individual arrows. The script will now prioritize loot based on price. For those of you having nullPointer errors, please send me the debug again after todays update and I'll get it fixed asap . Thanks!
  8. There are currently 2 bug reports.
    1. When the attacking monster leaves the set unit, the script will return to the bank.
    2 After returning to the bank, the setting item cannot be recognized, and the script stops (the script log prompts that there is no setting item, so it stops). In fact, the bank owns this project because the script cannot recognize it.
    Please update in time or tell me how the settings will work better, thank you.

  9. Such a handsome boy
  10. Hey you just need to set your fight area by the ogres and set the tile where you want your cannon. You can leave everything else blank. If you need any assistance setting it up the best way is to contact me via discord .
  11. Are you an ironman? No the script has always been $10 / month. All I did was give you guys more instances for free and temporarily remove the 2 week package. Will have a look Is there anything in the bot debug? (You're looking at the client debug tab). Also if you have teamviewer or discord I'd be happy to help you set it up.
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