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  1. It runs alright. Pestcontrol probably aint the easiest to keep up to date. Would be nice if it had faster attack times.
  2. How do I enter that into the break handler?
  3. Running einsteins woodcutter right now. Is there a sample template for breaks? Or a good timer. It'd be nice if I could leave it running and it would know the time to login. I.E. looks like I'm sleeping till 8 a.m. logs in for a while in the morning takes a break half way through day then logs back in till later in the evening? Of course there would be small breaks off and on.
  4. Are your IP's flagged or something? Both of my accounts have been banned. I've been using "Druids Master chopper" in custom locations. Breaking regularly and no more than 8 hours a day. I have several accounts I've been botting on with my home IP for several months now....still level three no problems. and no im not botting tut island What gives?
  5. Alright so if I follow this to a T it should work out? Haven't changed the IP address of the VPN and have registered all accs on that same VPN.
  6. I think the ABC2 sleep maybe to low. I switched to range my highest cb skill and its working better. The ABC2 SLEEP is how fast it clicks right? I might need to turn that up because I'm pretty lower level on this acc and dont inflict much damage...
  7. Script is okay. Only seems to run to the western portal and like others said. Is "bot like" Script has failed 8 out of 9 games :/
  8. Title says all...never had this problem before.
  9. Taking a big risk but your new and everyone needs to start somewhere you got it las vegas
  10. Just please tell me why they actually have that?
  11. Stats must stay the same att 32 str 30 def 1 range 70 prayer 15 mage 70 hp 59 All other non combat skills are met. You have 500k to spend on items required. Just PM me
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