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  1. because it would increase banrate of course.
  2. ah, right.. i guess public would work if i can't find someone to write me a private script.
  3. I am looking for a private script, it's a very simple and easy to write script, that only requires a few clicks and the rest is AFK. contact me if interested.
  4. lmfao this has been known for years but ok
  5. i need a script that does only the pumping in the blast furnace area, the reason for this is to gain strength exp without gaining HP levels. it is super easy to write because it's almost fully AFK, it just needs to refill the cokes once in a while and fix the pipes, which only requires a few clicks. if there already is a script that does this, please let me know as well.
  6. the script doesn't really work with the cannon @ rockcrabs tbh.. i have been trying this out for the past 2 days on a new pure that needs to stay low HP, it runs fine for the first 20-40 minutes, but after that i often find it spam-reloading the cannon while it doesn't re-aggro the crabs so it doesnt do anything but click the cannon.. = ban. and after about 20 mins it stops reloading the cannon and says "we have failed to reload the cannon 8 times so we will stop using it " like what the fuck? i'm sorry but this script is really bad as it is right now.
  7. 83m left. Btw, y'all talking about goldselling websites that are selling for .90/M. Please link me to them, Bogla is the cheapest around and they sell for 1.20/M or higher. They buy @ 0.90 aswell so it doesnt make any sense lol
  8. well, i haven't been that active lateley, but as far as i can tell, BOGLA and Probemas etc. are selling for 1.24/M.
  9. what are you talking about? current price is $1.20/M?
  10. i accept Ethereum and/or Bitcoin, and various other cryptocurrencies. Paypal or IDEAL is also an option. looking for $1/m.
  11. Script is broken. CANNOT start on its own, i have to manually get it inside of the dream, once inside, it just keeps spamming the absorption pots FOREVER. Also, i have said this months ago aswell, everytime it re-stocks on potions, it walks to the bank, on the EXACT SAME TILE , every time! Then it just opens the bank, and stares at the screen for a few seconds and closes the bank. This is just a loop tbh and doesn't make any sense, easy to detect.
  12. yes sir. soz for late response, i was in egypt for holiday.
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