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  1. I thought this supported Stam/Energy pots? I've tried running the Cosmics, without Abyss. Neither of the shortcuts work and Im constantly at 0% energy. Despite having over 100 Super Energy and 100 Stam pots beside the essence. Can't buy it until it works. Any update?
  2. Hey, working with the trial just now. Is there an option to prayer flick? (Not rapid heal) Also, I've opted NOT to use a spec weapon. (Was using maul) The bot does not re-equip my defender and axe. But otherwise seems ok.
  3. Oh I understand that. But the script is constantly targeting mobs that are in combat with other players. Leaving me standing there doing nothing at all. *without that selected. This fills my entire log.
  4. Hey, so I've been running this on my pure. Killing guards at Varrock. It's quite busy in F2P. However, the script will not find its own target. Its CONSTANTLY attacking guards other players are attacking. Resulting in 69xp per hour. Yes. I killed 1 guard in the last hour. By manually intervening and selecting another guard is the only way it will re-select. I thought the option to "attack a monster while in combat" was to prevent this? C
  5. Yeh, I got it sorted. Think I needed to update Tribot. Not an issue with the script.
  6. Hi, I seem to be having a problem getting the Trial running. It gives me the error - [14:53:39] No preset selected. Create a preset to begin. But there are no pre-sets? The option below "Create Pre-set" Does not allow me to create anything. Edit : I restarted Tribot 3 times. Seems to start now. hmm
  7. Following my previous post. I ran this script for 2 hours on 2 accounts. Both accounts are now banned. This is the only script run on these accounts with fresh IP's. This are is clearly being watched.
  8. Hey, Just thought I'd flag this. I've had to stop using the script for potatoes in Catherby as it keeps running into the candle shop!
  9. @smithzor259 My solution to that was to take a sip of the stam pot, load up 1 invent of cosmics/food/orbs THEN start the bot. This solved the problem for me. Seems a full invent bypasses the Stamina Pot loop. C
  10. @DeNiMuLiC Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try soon. Need to make some bank first cos my main got hacked. (Yes I have a Pin)
  11. @godspower33, Sorry, I didn't actually mean the GUI. I meant the paint. I like to see the chat An option to minimise/hide it would be appreciated! I've not had too many issues with being PK'd. But, I like to hop worlds after a PK so its not the same person killing me in an endless loop. Looks really botlike. Maybe I'm paranoid!
  12. Ive only ever needed to use the food when running from a PKer tbh. I cant wait till the world hopping is back...
  13. I take it this is no longer being developed? @maart
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