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  1. Sweet a public guide. Wonder how quickly they will remove this.
  2. Unlocking an accounts takes 0 time or effort if you have it fully automated
  3. ??? How does that make any sense. You already have the gold. Just sell it to a site for .8 in btc lmao. This is braindead levels of stupidity.
  4. I've gotten locked doing tutorial by hand on a proxy plenty of times. All you need to do is unlock the account and then its fine generally.
  5. A method named getX would assume a return value. Something more appropriate would be this. private Thread getAntibanThread() { for (Thread t : Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet()) if (thread.getName().contains("Antiban)) return t; return null; } antiBanThread = getAntibanThread();
  6. f2p suicide botting you should expect bans every day. It's only worth it if you have a fully or almost fully automated system.
  7. Not like anyones going to do it for the 20$ he wants it done for anyways.
  8. Botting tutorial will basically always result in a lock on a proxy.
  9. Your basically looking for a money printer. You expect that shit to be free?
  10. 1btc and ill give u access to mine.
  11. Expecting f2p accounts to last more than a day lul
  12. probably https://runescapegoldmarkt.com/ they force you to deliver to the buyers tho lol
  13. Maybe at kaiis place. Every other site is offering .76 or less.
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