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  1. This still has not been resolved AT ALL. last response was that id recieve one within 30 minutes which was said over 4 days ago, after waiting from the 30th-4th for a message in the first place. https://imgur.com/a/eAbnDZw And to just be honest, this has more than wasted more money in time than the service purchase its not even worth my time to be bothered with it anymore, its been almost an entire month since i purchased this service and this is beyond the worst "customer service" ive EVER dealt with. It is a joke.
  2. Scammer's Username: @lawjestawLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: listing : personal page : https://tribot.org/forums/profile/408486-lawjestaw/ long story short, purchased 2 rdps on 6/14 at 230 pm EST, they were delivered around 4 hours later at 630pm EST, within 12 hours by the next morning id noticed issues with connection/extremely high CPU usage (1 mirror mode client maxing cpu not logged in or running for a 2 core 8gb 150gb ssd server). He stated he would fix it, and did so about 8 hours later. Every account that ran on these 2 servers was then banned within 1 day (most had les
  3. How do I open tribot in 32bit?, whenever I try to open looking glsss I receive an error that says I need to open tribot in 32bit as that's most likely what my client is running.
  4. tried to add on disc to send, message says incorrect username for over 2 days now. dabswax#7316 is mine would appreciate any help has its already more than 1/4 of the time I have it for and its done nothing.
  5. first few times I tried setting up it would just stop, not thought I had it right and it repetitively pulls the stuff out of banks deposits and repeats? any suggestion
  6. it obviously made pretty decent sense if it was answerable :P. not sure what could be misunderstood, the buy credits option never sends me a verification link, in the past when I contacted sellers, through pm, skype, discord, and comments, I never received an answer. I asked if it would ever be fixed, as for now I cant buy scripts here, only elsewhere, but, I was able to get them through sythe earlier. thanks guys.
  7. wont connect to my proxy that I have with proxy fish? works fine with osbot,dreambot,powerbot etc. first time dling tribot.
  8. so, tbh I'm on every other community pretty frequently, have been around frequently since 2010 and earlier. ive tried time and time again to acquire credits here to no avail, it never sends me a msg, no one responds to their sales pages, is that ever gonna be fixed? lol? guess ill just keep buying other scripts.
  9. tried for weeks now to purchase vip says card is declined when I'm literally using it on other sites at the same times? any insight a little ridiculous I cant pay with paypal imo...wouldn't bother me if it was even usable as a free bot but 2 hours every 3 days is inconceivable lol.
  10. figured this would be a paypal thing it says Stripe(credit card) as the only payment option enter my bank card # and its declined when theres $ in it any ideas?
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