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  1. So this POS doesn't work and we dont get a refund or get an option to pick a new script? Total bullshit.
  2. Is there anyway you can make this work for Mac? It's a pain in the ass to make this work on VMware with how buggy Win10 is on it.
  3. Just an update. Have had 2 major surgeries since this post, an 13 inch scar from my ribcage all the way down, plus a drain that is inside of me, draining a hematoma that I almost died from about a week ago. Life sucks.
  4. I don't know if you will ever see this. I thank you very much for watching me talk to a friend in game at the grand exchange. I was talking about how I probably won't survive much longer in life due to PTSD from failed surgeries, and my Chronic conditions, and also my relationship issues. I was crying all day until you randomly came up to me and traded me. You traded me 10m worth of items that I assume you needed, but felt that it was a nice thing to do to give to someone who really needed to feel better. I know that life is short, and they are just in game items. In my 10+ years of playing this game, you have been the nicest person in the game to have ever done something so self-less, to make me feel better. I am so so sorry that you had to read what I was saying to my friend, that made you cry. But there is a special place for people like you. I can imagine what you do to others in real life to turn their lives around, and make them feel better. Not just for yourself, but to help the person you make contact with, feel better about them selves. Julian, you really turned my day back around. Again, I know they are only in-game items, but your act that was so self-less, has really made this guy think again on how there are good people in this world. Thank you very much Julian. I will always remember what you did for me. -Gaetano
  5. Hey I remember you I'm Guy V P, was really a well known member also of those sites that are now gone. You have almost the same story as me, cannot do my Police Career though after college due to health struggles. Oh well, some day. Looking to start again also! Want to make a gmauler!
  6. When people have no idea what they're doing so they ask people for hard earned margined items XD Learn yourself, got the script two days ago, took a day to tweak everything but i'm making 300k/hr with only 10m cash stack on a level 3 XD
  7. gaetano

    The bans.

    Yeah, been banned too many times of different accounts. Even botting for a couple hours I would get the hammer. I am done with the game.
  8. Hey assume, i'll be going on a cruise tomorrow. Ill be back in a couple of weeks. Ill loan you my account when I get back. Regards.
  9. I did time and time again. According to Assume, there is "Nothing wrong with the script"
  10. Script will bug if you run it for more than an hour. Restarted the bot every time it would bug, but I didn't catch it this time. It will attack the opponent once, and then stop and not do anything the whole fight. Just a warning, if you have money on your account, and you don't watch the bot. You WILL lose your money. All of it. I have lost 80m+ total with this script. Due to bugs.
  11. I made a pure 18 days ago, had 15 days total in game time. Got a 2 day, then a perm. I deserved it. got almost 70 farming, 82 mage, d t done 55 cmb
  12. I didn't say it was badly written, you are one of the best scripters on this site. Just this never happened to me before, it just started to do this starting a few days ago. I wouldn't have said anything unless I wasn't 100% sure. I kept on testing it for days with that same/similar end result.
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