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  1. Got one account on its 3rd bond and one on his second bond currently, first two bot accounts since years. (no previous bans)
  2. Ow thanks you just helped me out, I was checking for interfaces only and ended up with some pasta like code.
  3. I was going to ask if this is still possible, I made this Gyazo: https://gyazo.com/8c9d51744d2944be6abba2b42369a0e3 and went to double check what you said. After reading your tutorial again and clicking on your Step 2 link, I found the option of filling in my paypal email. Pretty weird why I can't find that page myself. https://gyazo.com/3eb51c072a35edbf6a54601783e3daf9
  4. Hi guys as the title says, I can't do anything after I open up the minimap. My Java is up-to-date. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
  5. Wait what, if I have 2 instances of the same script running, will they both share the same static variables? And if my question is true, is it still recommended to just stick with using static if you already have? Or is it recommended to not use static at all?
  6. Ow that's true, didn't think about using a fake proxy to check it. I also didn't knew about scripts screwing up when using multiple tabs, going to check it out myself. Thanks for the help! Ah that makes sense. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi guys as the title says I'm trying to use the advanced client to setup each tab with a proxy. Whenever I add a new tab, I add another proxy. But if I check 'each' tab's, runtime info, it's all the same. Perhaps they each are using another IP or I'm doing something wrong. (Is there another way of finding out if I'm using the correct proxy for each tab?) I've also tried by right-clicking the tab and use 'Set Proxy' but without succes. I'm hoping someone here could tell me what I'm doing wrong.
  8. Oh now I see what I did wrong. I've changed a little bit of the method. And it now works perfectly fine. Thank you very much! Here is what I did: // Get's the interface. private void getInterface() { if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(50, 150); General.println("We zitten in getinterface2"); return Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(309); } }, General.random(2500, 3500))) { RSInterface target = Interfaces.get(309, 3); General.println("Calling chooseMakeOption!"); chooseMakeOption(target);
  9. Thanks for the reply, I tried adding your line of code. After adding a null check everything seemed alright, because if I don't add a nullcheck, I get a NPE error often. But then I noticed whenever target == null, the target will stay null until I call getInterface() another time. This is how the method looks right now: // Get's the interface. private void getInterface() { RSInterface target = Interfaces.get(309, 3); if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(50, 150); if (target != null) { return In
  10. Hi guys, I decided to rewrite my simple herblore script. I'm using the node framework now and the code is a little bit better. But once again I get problems when I'm trying to see if the interface I'm using is up or not. This is the method that gives me problems: // Get's the interface. private void getInterface() { RSInterface target = Interfaces.get(309, 3); if (Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(50, 150); return target != null && !target.isHidden(); } }, General.random(2500, 3500))) {
  11. I've also read this sentence alot: And always thought it was true, but I've heard plenty of people that botted on one IP, where only their account that was botted on got banned. I'm now not quite sure if it's true or not. (I know they specify MAY be banned.)
  12. Yes that's what I meant (that's why I didn't want something to do with the healthbar), the isInCombat but I found out a few minutes ago, that my healthbar will always be visible if I'm getting hit. So maybe just maybe I can just stick with only isInCombat(). And I was thinking about the timed check as an extra by checking the animations. Thanks! (I thought when getting hit zero's, the healthbar won't show up.)
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