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  1. Gotcha. The java hook was the part I was missing. Thanks for clarifying everyone!
  2. Maybe I have the wrong idea on how LG works. So it mirrors the client, and all communication sent from this mirrored client is sent through the proxy to Jagex servers? I was under the impression it was effectively interacting with the existing OSBuddy client, and letting that client handle game communication.
  3. I want to better understand Looking Glass. I have an OSBuddy client, Tribot (with proxy), and I use Looking Glass to bot. However, if Looking Glass simply overlays the existing client, does the proxy do anything for the osrs client in this case? The general consensus from what I'm reading is that Looking Glass + proxy = good. What I want to do is limit the risk to my main account (also playing on an OSBuddy client, same machine) while I bot on my secondary. They don't interact at all, the bot is there for self sufficiency. If using LG diminishes the value of a proxy, I'd rather buy a cheap box, setup a VM, and put it behind a VPN.
  4. Gotcha. I switched from a 1920x1080 to a 1024x768 due to some... technical difficulties. Resizing the window and back got them to appear. Cheers!
  5. I have 20 day's VIP and VIP Extended, verified that in the repository. I login to the bot, but it no longer gives me the Looking Glass option. Any suggestions on how to fix?
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