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  1. unless you're running a large scale 100+ bot farms, you really don't need proxies. I was running a zulrah bot farm 10+ accounts same IP no issues for a solid year before jagex beefed up their zulrah measures. it's most likely your scripts and bot pattern. Your account is the most "hot/under-watch" in the first 48 hours off of tutorial island. Proxies are bs borderline scamscheme for your average botter. I havea 2k+ total main account that i play on the same IP as my bots for years.
  2. Gonna finish maxing and then I can finally play the game
  3. I tried a plethora of scripts and the following scripts are the scripts that I've been confidently using and got my main to 2k+ total levels: Aropupu's agility - got 99 agility. Not fool proof, but if you use the right settings, mix-up some gameplay, and get the task unlock for the teleport for that one agility course which i forget what it's called it's amazing. Aropupu's Aaminer - got 85+ mining with it, going slow and steady Aropupu's pyramid plunder- got 90+ thieving All other scripts got my alts/test accounts banned way too fast. I have not tried much of Einstein's scripts so I can't say much about those.
  4. @Aropupu Hey Aropupu, big fan of your scripts! Got 99 agility and high mining on my main with both your scripts. While it may be already solid as it is, I was wondering if you'd take into consideration for adding a function at the motherlode mining place for an option (a box to check/un-check) to allow miscalculation on depositing the ore when on the last deposit when BOTH wheels weren't spinning the last two times the character made a deposit. This was an error I frequently made and had to drop all my pay-dirt, clear the deposits, pick up the dropped pay-dirt, drop it in and resume. I think this is an error that legitimate players occasionally make and simulting this error could add another variation to this script perhaps? Love you dude!
  5. @Einstein Hello, for users going for level/gains over profit, could you add an option where the script pauses when the bag is full so that I may drop at my discretion with my own reaction speed? Fishing spots move pretty frequently but incorporating this option while using runelite's notification when a bag is full will allow me to focus on other screens while semi-legit playing only for dropping fish in my inventory.
  6. First, ask yourself why do you want to gold farm? -For me, I though it'd be a great passive income. But then I realized it'd be better to focus on my studies then follow down a rabbit hole where very few make it big and the income is dependent on the lifespan of a videogame albeit runescape's very long established history, if game dies your income dies. I have to disclose that I blew $1k+ in investments in attempts to gold farm. I had a decent zulrah private script that didn't have good kill/hr but it got the job done. However, Jagex super vamped up the bot security of zulrah where the J-Mod publicly announced it on reddit and apparently, their increase in security was good enough to destroy my private farm that just started to ramp up. I had about 6 accounts with good stats, heavily geared, etc but didn't get a chance to cash out before the massive zulrah ban wave. This is my personal experience and while there may be many botters who probably had great success, this made me consider do I really need this passive income? Do I want to play the game to enjoy the game? Why do I need this in-game gold? My answer to the above was that I didn't need this passive income, I found it better to focus on my studies, finish my degree, and got a career path lined up. My QoL greatly increased as I didn't have to stress about my high level bots getting banned, etc and I found it much easier to just buy gold and enjoy the game on my main. I was initially botting to support my main account but my ambitions got the better of me and when I got smacked to the ground with the ban wave, it worked out better for me. What is your goal? Are you botting to support your main account? Botting for passive income? I'm asking since you said "cost not really a problem for me," and if the first, just buy gold and enjoy the game. Second, do you have any programming experience? You might make it somewhat with the premium scripts on Tribot but if you have programming experience, making your own private scripts will probably get you a lot further. Third, how ham do you want to bot? Gold farm of autonomous 100+ accounts vs 10 end-game accounts vs etc numerous options. I believe it's best to define/outline your goal and gameplay before just jumping into the world of botting. It's very addicting and for me, was pretty dam stressful.
  7. @HeyImJamie Heya, I haven't been botting in a long time and I was wondering if your chaos alter prayer method still runs south and tps out with necklace of glory? By any chance, do you think you could implement it so that after the bones are used up, the bot just suicides by attempting to grab the wine of zammy? Something like a burning amulet + ring of dueling combo. Suicide -> cast wars tp to restock -> burning ammy to bury bones -> repeat. I understand the reasoning behind the glory method though. Much easier since you keep the necklace upon death and you can just tp but wouldn't hurt to add a fast exp option :O. Would love to hear you thoughts!
  8. Please lmk if you do end up making it
  9. For stun alch, other simple magic training stuff, I'd recommend you record macro movements for about an hour for multiple sessions and then just loop these. Far safer, cheaper, and better since you're creating your own unique response times/reactions. All my friends got 90+ magic easily with 0 bans training 6+hrs a day. edit: This method could be used for fletching, herblore, cooking, etc. Con- if server lags, your loop will get screwed.
  10. The secret is to do ape atoll to 99 :^)
  11. aAgility & aAminer are probably the only scripts on any botting site that you can run for 6+ hours without getting banned. Hands down the best scripter who offers a load of customization @Aropupu I haven't tried any of the other scripts yet though but probably going to try pyramid plunder soon :3
  12. It may be working now but i was talking about the past year. I'm maxed out combat so I haven't used your script in a while.
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