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  1. hi i use LG when i play on my account but no LG when i bot i was just wondering if regular rs client any good and if theres 2 different java version for when i use LG and when i do not. i tried so many version 32bits and 64 and i cant hook to regular runescape is this normal ? i have jdk 1.8.0 191 and 102 in both 32 and 64 bits runelite crash even if i disable gpu plugin and i can do it on osbuddy but i dont really like it. Thank you for your time!
  2. great thank you very much i appreciate you coming in here and tellin me whats going on
  3. i was runing this script just fine before this morning update i believe this is why i cant run it anymore it doesnt click the ladder,here is what i see in the botdebug. some help would be appriciated sorry for all those screen shot but i tryed give you as much as possible, im using java 8 jre 171u or something i am really bad with all that no LG and i have all the recommended settings on runescape as you mentioned earlier. ALSO all my other bots are running with no problem mining and agility so i am really not sure whats going on with this script. THANKS https://gyazo.com/c2acd5bce08c992fa123f0d478a6f3d5 https://gyazo.com/cf23b87de7d902738717a0cded2cb41b https://gyazo.com/b6274dde0f37f6c2754b89b6fa840ac4 https://gyazo.com/9a5fb396b156a294afcb9597c5b32c11
  4. HI GUYS id like to offer you my service for pretty much anything in game, zulrah accounts,green dragon,air orber name it ! *no bot* all hand training just ask me, and i might do it ! i like to build account i can quest for you and powerleveling *please dont ask me to do runecrafting* and we will have a good time *note i am new to this kind of stuff* i can refuse any order, i will give you the most accurate time possible needed to complete your order,if its not done by the time or your not happy we can talk about refund a part of the service. for the paiment you will have to go first but only half of the amount demanded and the rest at the end of the service. (im trying to make my name on TRiBot) you give me the account and a working proxy for your service i do not provide any of these. (so you can keep same ip when works done.) i wont be responsible for any bans after my service is done. you cant log in or change password while i am working on your account other wise i cancel my service and you wont get any refund. Accepted paiment . Paypal,BTC,07GP have a great day, hope to see you soon !
  5. like i said i dint bot man, you can say all you want but i woke up this morning and it was disabled i used no bot and i did the switch to runelite recently i cant proof it im just telling you and still got ban for nothing and all i did is trade my bots but in my account status its only saying macroing , use of bot on oldschool no real world trade or anything : https://gyazo.com/b5d1c9d568474a8fd2a2f7bdaeff7561 and this is my first ban wich i 100% botted and aware i always get this message on my other bots too : https://gyazo.com/fc6bce048ecaea0e90aebc8c2a00bd1e
  6. hey whats up guys so i have my main account who botted zul rah for about 2 mounth and got banned on march 13 i got my account back with a ban appeal on the 23 of may and now 2 month later on the exact same 13 of the mouth but this time on june (2 mouths later) my acocunt is disabled again, i never botted on it after i unbanned it and my other accounts on my ips arent banned i did use runelite all the time for my main so i think this might be it so id like to say just use regular osrs client if you want all the chance to not get banned. I just wanted to share this with you guys.
  7. thank you very much TRiBot Team nice work guys
  8. the script stuck on opening bank for me it doesnt open the bank, i guess this is due to today update and gotta wait for tribot update or something ?
  9. il give it a try , id like to see a option to drink inbetween lets says 16-24 prayer i think drink a dose on the same prayer everytime lets say at 25 is pretty weird, but for a free script this is prefect to afk chins thanks
  10. hey i been using tribot for over 6 mounths now and i never had that problem before one of my ip says "service unavailable" but if i use another ip from the same provider (i paid everything) i do not get the service unavailable so i am not sure if its some kinda bug with the tribot client or if i need to look with my provider they alredy changed the ip but still i cant connect with that one ip so if anybody has anything to say about that id like to hear it
  11. dam feels bad too see that this awesome script hasnt been fix yet i used it a couple mounths ago it was so good until a RS update then @Usa never fixed or at least it took long time so if you realy want to use this script try to get it as soon as he update it. but honnestly not worth it @Strobing
  12. alright thank you for the update i love this script its so easy and good never had a problem before good wok
  13. "failed to find the right plank" is what i get when i try to attack portals i cant even go on the boat. I think you have to look into it TriBot should be fixed by now, they told us (on TRiLeZ post) to contact the scripter. i use LG and always did and got full void range and mage on over 10 accounts with this script Netami please help us !
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