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  1. The ~$10 is made by other bots i have so it only affects my profits per month.. This is my first month so i do not have any experience with it yet, thanks for your answers! I got everything i need to know, now i hope the provider will help me further. If there is anything else it could have been if it weren't the Proxies then i'm happy to know about it.
  2. I already have another proxy package which doesn't have that problem, so i could make accounts on that one. Can i still use those accounts that were locked to bot on? they already are member, otherwise that would be ~$10 wasted (3x3,3m) Don't you think Jagex looks at those accounts a little harder to see suspicious activities?
  3. I did exactly that and that was exactly what happened Worthy!
  4. Hello dear botters / scripters, Does any of you know the solution or are familiar with new fresh accounts getting LOCKED right after you log out? 3 out of the 4 accounts I created ALL with different proxy were locked the first time after I logged out, now i'm afraid to bot on them because I have the feeling they are watching me! THE WAY I MAKE MY ACCOUNTS: [ 1. setup PROXY 1.0 on Maxthon browser (on local PC)2. Setup PROXY 1.0 on Tribot Client. (on a private server i hired somewhere in Europe.)3. Create RS-account on Maxthon browser With PROXY 1.0 (on local PC)4. PLAY (not bot) Runescape for several HOURS on that server in Europe with PROXY 1.0 on the Tribot client before logging out] WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? is not removing the cashe the problem, if that is NOT the problem, what is? I am going through tutorial island without touching a bot, i am playing runescape without using a bot. However, I am using the Tribot client, but Runescape doesn't detect that. Also, all the 3 accounts are member. Thank you guys <3
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