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  1. @Fluffee @Usa so who do i contact in regards to getting this guy completely stripped of moderator/powers and disbarred off of these forums due to blatant scamming.
  2. @Montreal a month since i bought your service, no proxys working, bonds wasted on accounts, zero action been taken to compensate and refund me.... still waiting....
  3. @Montreal 9 days and counting since your last reply, its been a month since i bought your proxys
  4. very interesting, nothing being done here at all, what is the point in even disputing if nothing is going to be done about a scam.
  5. @Usa At this point it's utterly beyond a joke, I've spent over $50 AUD with no proxies active, wasted bonds on multiple accounts etc and still no reply after 5 days subsequent his response that he'll sort it out within 24 hours. It's been +3 weeks since I have paid for the service, have contacted Montreal on multiple platforms with no action being taken. You shouldn't have to apologize for anyone, he should take complete responsibility and have had it sorted weeks ago let alone live up to his word "quote" - You can't be sincerely sorry and give me all the bs excuses above then let anot
  6. @Montreal 2 days since you said 24 hours, this is becoming a joke.
  7. @Montreal Thanks for getting back to me, I look forward to hearing from you.
  8. what's going on @Fluffee it's like Montreal has gone ghost.
  9. Scammer's Username: MontrealLink to Scammer's TriBot Profile: @Montreal Chat/Discussion Methods: None.Chat Username(If Applicable)*: None. Describe in detail in your words what happened: Identical situation to pass consumers. Montreal has provided me with two sets of proxys that do not work. I have submitted two tickets on his hosted website as well as messaged him directly on tribot forums and left a message on his forum post with no reply. It's been a week now since these proxys have not worked and I have not heard a single word from monteral at all. It's a shame I have to make a dispute s
  10. Trash service, bought 4 proxies, all proxies flagged and insta locked straight off tut island, DO NOT BUY, they will not refund nor replace your proxies + slow support service. @Montreal is your man for proxys
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