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  1. is it possible with mage only? or is it obligated to have both mage/range ?
  2. @Usa it's having the same issue again. Please try to check this.
  3. disabling worldhopping in edgeville is useless aswell, it's making the script very botlike.
  4. 1 other thing, the bot is alway's filling the inventory. but also it's filling to inventory complete. It would be betther if it would keep 1-2 pieces of food left. because lower lvl's can get killed easily by the dragons in this way.
  5. as long as the problem description is clear most of the fixes are easy. 1 suggestion: - a lot of times higher lvl's are logging in. and in this case the bot is not logging out. Which is causing the following problem. They are going to the exact spot with their pures. and then they are logging in before the bot can log out. So I would suggest to log out anytime someone is around.
  6. The problem I am having with the world changer is the following. It log's out, then it's selecting a world to hop to. but it's clicking between the worlds instead of on the world. For example it's clicking on the black space between world 10 and 11. instead of clicking on world 10 or 11
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