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  1. Helly ive been using this script for the past month and now it looks like theres been an update and i cant load the gui. any idea?
  2. i have not had this problem before. but for some reason now my client wants to log me back in after my account logs out and it has been logging me in and out all day. now im probably gonna get a ban which im not worried about. but i dont like the fact that it just started logging me in when i never had the problem before? why is it logging me back and and why cant i stop it?
  3. Hello im interested in getting a private construction script made. please pm me or post here if interested.
  4. it says if you are experiencing problem with the gui make sure you disable tribot firewall. may be a little noobish, but idk how to do that lol.
  5. it says im not filling out GUI correctly. but idk what im doing wrong. im doing the same settings ive been using?
  6. absorptions and rock cakes seem to be working fine for me. testing out for the first time as i type though. seems like a good bot. Love it so far.
  7. I guess i couldve put the item id in the box to never drop these items for my lobsters... sorry wasn't thinking. script is great beside my little hiccup lol.
  8. Was testing script out to see if i wanted to buy. Im having problems with it dropping all the food im bringing with me too. I have it set to drop anything under 500 gp. but i didn't think i would drop my lobsters also.
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