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  1. Yeah, not sure what this guy's problem is, LG is having all sorts of issues and I'm pretty sure Runelite is memory leak prone with LG atm but hey.
  2. I can confirm this also, I had a very low rate of the login bot bug occurring, but after this update I am getting a ton more which rubs even more salt in this wound at this point. Just a revert back to 10.5 on the login bot/breaking while leaving everything else in tact would be helpful if it cannot be fixed swiftly, it at least gives us chance to schedule our bots and not worry too much about a potential fix, until a solid patch has been tested and released.
  3. @contemporary Yeah, the latest release did not fix the breaking bug, in fact it's actually even worse for me now. I really wish I could just revert to say 10.5 or 10.6 version of the client where I had no issues, It's screwed up my scheduling and the way I farm with tribot, it's extremely frustrating. I'm forced to update the client that gives me more problems every time and not the other way round, It's sad to see a feature that is the core of tribot really bugging out right now. If only there was an archive option, I'd kill for 10.5/10.6 version of the client atm @TRiLeZ Please have another shot at fixing it..
  4. I'm not one to complain but this is a disastrous update whatever caused this, there should be a roll back at least to when it was fixed. Users are being put in dangerous situations with their accounts with no working break handler.
  5. I have Made a ton of high level accounts without it.
  6. @Final Calibur Such a shame,I have used this since it was very first released all that time ago. Any ETA on when it will be made free? This still works in a lot of areas. With Jamie inactive as well there isn't a good questing AIO script for Tribot anymore..
  7. Ratz241


    I am in your debt, thank you @Duhstin
  8. Ratz241


    Yeah, I probably should have a script like this myself but I've used this script with arguments for so long that it's a bit of a staple and second nature lol
  9. Ratz241


    @Duhstin I realize you're not active on tribot anymore but would you mind updating this to the new walker? It really comes in handy
  10. This has looked great in development, I can't wait for the full release! Fantastic stuff @godspower33
  11. Fellas, the minnows part of the script has been completely profiled which means they can hand out bans at will whenever they want with the method. Encoded is currently trying to find a way around this.
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