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  1. Having a hard time with tribot 12 at the moment. When i download it and unzip the files, i am able to launch tribot by going into the folder immediately after installing but if i exit out of that instance i am then unable to launch tribot again. Also, when using looking glass, the gameplay becomes extremely choppy and the fps tanks- never had this issue before. Anyone know solutions to either problem?
  2. Script getting stuck on changing to build mode once teleporting to POH
  3. Just a recommendation, 2 handed weapon support would be sick on this script. I've got a range only account that would get much better xp/hr with blowpipe, but overall a great script and gone from 65-82 slayer so far!
  4. I just purchased a new script and have no idea why it won't show up in my repository when I start the client? This is my first time using the new shop
  5. This is a dumb question but i just purchased this script and haven't used tribot since the new shop opened, how do i download the script? It wont show up on my client.
  6. I'm getting stuck, when I hit the start script button nothing happens and debug says "attempting to load last save" or something. Think the same issue happened last week too. Thanks for the quick fixes!
  7. Animal magnetism is still broken. Script tries to get ecto tokens without supplies and doesn't recognize ecto tokens in bank
  8. When starting animal magnetism, script continually attempts to get ecto tokens, regardless of if you already have some in the bank. The script also does not take any of the supplies (bucket, pot, bones) when it goes to get ecto tokens, so it just gets stuck.
  9. Same problem here. Script loads up, debug says "attempting to load last used save file" then script just gets stuck if you try to click the "start" button and nothing happens.
  10. I purchased a socks5 proxy from virmach and its working perfectly fine with maxthon browser, but I can't get tribot to connect to it. I've triple checked everything and all information was entered correctly, idk what the problem is.
  11. I am having the same problem with yourprivateproxy
  12. For some reason for the past week, whenever I create an account and take it through tutorial island manually on a fresh proxy, I get banned within 30 minutes without even using any scripts. Anyone dose have this problem? Using virmach btw
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