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  1. im aware the services will be done by someone over time or multiple people.
  2. 2 years and we had trusted each other before. Idk what happened. You're right about that though. I dont have any desire to do those things ive listed. lol
  3. Hi guys recently ive had my pure on runescape ruined by someone I thought was a friend. He got me to 14 defense and dropped everything i had to include fire cape halo decorative my pet etc. So i've decided to make it a zerker. What do I need? 45 def perfectly quested fighter torso rune defender berserker helm mith gloves-bgloves 82-94 mage ALL DONE BY HAND AND TRUSTED OR MM FOR ANYONE TO DO THESE SERVICES I need the defense perfectly quested first, Payment is 07 or VF Paypal as gift
  4. bump edit doing first 3 for 25m
  5. Give me something to do buddy I’ll please
  6. I’ll be starting out fresh, previously I worked for others offsite and was never really given my own feedback. I’ll do low prices screenshot the levels and won’t require payment to start. you don’t absorb on a pure, you get hit too much. It’s less effective.
  7. Most people don’t offer this any longer so, i will nmz any pure with the requirements for NMZ. 50 attack is also doable but keep in mind @45k exp a hour it’s gonna cost ya. 44 prayer is needed. Comment here for prices. Working on a much better format now for this post.
  8. Just now seeing this thanks pal, ended up doing it myself
  9. 27m I’ll provide supplies and send screenys, I can also cannon the levels if you want. So you won’t get HP levels. Give me a week to be generous won’t be that long.
  10. Title says it all, the range must be cannoned and i will provide all the supplies needed. Range exp only nothing else. Trusted will be paid upfront must be hand done. thanks
  11. Baucomia


    I would like you to do some quests for me Death Plateau Vampire Slayer tree gnome fight arena for my pure to get 50 attack
  12. Baucomia


    "STAKING IS 50/50 GAMBLING'" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stop believing this please
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