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  1. This seems to be quite true haha .. Do you set up your new bots with bonds from day one?
  2. Interested to see how this works out!
  3. Forgot to mention this as well for feedback! @Einstein .. Not sure if its intended or not, but the script will not run if your axe is already equipped prior to starting the script. The bot will check bank then stop haha
  4. Do you have an axe visible in your inventory or bank? .. This happened to me when my axe was already equipped prior to starting the script.. Worked great when I removed the axe from my hand and restarted with the axe in my inventory!
  5. Great script! Beautiful visual guidance with the grid and paint .. Just some feedback, the profit and xp counters are not working for me. Not a big deal, just thought I would let you know. Thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone! I have been trying out many different methods for gold farming on OSRS with various degrees of success. I have some successful long term / higher level "safe" bots, and I have begun to experiment with "Suicide botting". Just curious to know, with regards to gold farming, which option the community thinks is better / has had the best experience with? - High volume of suicide bots / low gp per hour tasks / low investment - High volume suicide bots / med - high gp per hour tasks / p2p with high initial gp investment to get started or high skill req -
  7. Yeah definitely makes sense, a typical player isn't doing that high of volume of trades. I level my mules up a little bit to make them look a more legit before I begin to use them. I agree, that sort of use pattern should easily raise a flag .. I guess the question is, does Jagex discourage the use of mules? Thanks for your input!!
  8. We'll that's always nice to hear haha, thanks!
  9. Nope, this was the first bond purchased on the account and it was done through the grand exchange.. I didn't have any credit cards linked as the account was solely set up for gold farming and nothing was actually tied to my name haha ... Everything I had been botting up until that point was in F2P, as I was getting the account ready for P2P farming.
  10. @IceKontroI Thanks for the detailed answer!! I was curious to know if they tracked trading history, a sudden flag / ban definitely makes sense at that amount of gp / transaction volume. Very helpful to know going forward as my focus is on gold farming. I picked up my 2 day ban the day following my first purchase of gp, although it was only 10M. Would be nice to know if it was related. The account was level 59 and I had safely botted for weeks without issues prior. I did however buy a bond right away after the purchase, then started botting runecrafing and tanning, which I hadn't done
  11. Thanks! Just added that " ** Edit: Each account is running on its own IP address / proxy and has no outside association. " .. Not sure if this makes a difference haha Was just wondering if anyone knew about it being standard practice for Jagex to do so, or if they had any experience with a mule becoming banned by association.
  12. Hello! I have a flagged bot ( fresh off a 2 day ban ) that I wish to offload to a mule to protect much of my gp and items before I start botting again. Does anyone know if trading between a flagged bot account / accounts to a common mule account will also flag the mule account? - If the mule account has never been botted on, does the mule account face any risk of ban due to association? ** Edit: Each account is running on its own IP address / proxy and has no outside association. Thanks! -- Tristan
  13. Yeah agreed, going to try to maximize my value on the account. It will be useless to me without the option to bot haha ... Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the heads up!!
  15. Yeah, definitely! haha .. Will most likely switch up what it is i'm botting when I give it another shot.
  16. @Diverting haha Yeah I figured the tanning ban rate was high .. The account is set up to farm gp so thats probably what I'll do. I moved my excess gp off the account for now. May give it a little bit then just go for it and see what happens. Thanks for your input!
  17. Probably my most used script, such a convenient tool. Well made, the map interface is great! Thanks!
  18. UPDATE: If anyone is curious .. I decided to maximize my value on the account and botted for a full day with breaks about 2 days after this post. I picked up a permanent ban the next day. -- Hello! Has anyone had experience with botting after a temporary 48 hour ban? Just curious if you went straight back to botting? - If so, did you end up getting a permanent ban? Did you give your account time to cool down? - If so, how long, and have you had success botting on the account since? Did you change up your methods? - ex, Play
  19. Anyone else still using this script consistently? Seems to be working great!
  20. This would also be great ▲ ▲ .... Thanks for the entertaining and easy to understand tutorial, well written!
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