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  1. same issue here. tried both osbuddy and runelite. Have you solved this?
  2. does anyone have settings for chinning / bursting in multi cb? (eg: MM cave skeletons). I'd be content with being able to set the target npc location, like making it attack the npc that'll always be in the middle of the heard. EDIT: if we could set the (x,y) of the tile we want to attack it looks like this could be implemented using `getAttackingEntities` and `getPosition` of each entity.
  3. Experiencing the same bug with east rock carbs aggro. When bot runs south to reset. An unknown java error gets logged (looks like an infinite loop). I'm also getting lots of java`EventDispatch` error. Is there a specific version of java I should be running? Currently running 1.8.0_77
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