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  1. I feel the exact same way with my account. Any GP I make I go to the duel arena with but I don't think I would ever bot it for the simple reason I know i'll always return. I have an ironman which is 100% botted just to skip the early grind. I find the most fun personally when I'm questing. I quested a 1 defence pure. Got all the stats I could from questing then the next part for me is just boring af. literally sat there for hours and hours grinding or afking. I just cba with it but I know I'll always come back. If you're 100% sure and don't think you'll return/don't care about the account use
  2. Tried selling 44m to them via live-chat. Apparently it's 50m minimum which isn't stated in the terms or on the thread. Waste of time & live chat rep is very arrogant to.
  3. Edit: The recent tribot update seems to have fixed the banking, however I'm still getting the insufficient supplies and the script ending. I have 8.7k unstrung maple longbows and same amount of bowstrings. It worked perfectly up until the recent update that broke banking, anything I can do to fix it?
  4. Tried the free trial and quite liked it, bought it now however I have a few suggestions if possible to add as follows; instead of withdrawing 'x' and setting the numerical value to 28 every time (does it for me idk about anyone else) it looks very bot like, could you change to withdraw all? With the update that came out a few month ago with the ability to press space to cook all as apposed to clicking, is it possible to add this to the script to just press space? Is it also possible to add the ability for 1 ticking with a medium-high chance to misclick for maximum efficiency?
  5. https://gyazo.com/e50a99b30b5b92f937c43612faaa6358 5 hour 15min proggy, Went to the gym and out with friends, used breaks and what not but still expecting a ban. Completely forgot that I had even left the client running. Good job. Very stable and will be purchasing again since this is my last day
  6. Matt

    Slayer script?

    I believe Mute's slayer script was removed, for reasons I'm unsure about but I couldn't find it on the repo
  7. Do you need a MiddleMan or are you just grave digging to up your posts?
  8. Since Jagex don't work weekends of if they do it'll only be half day, you wont recieve a ban in theory till monday Edit: I believe that Mod Acorn works Saturday but as i said prior, I believe it'll only be half day.
  9. I'm actually dying of laughter
  10. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/23-programming/ I feel that this sub forum is more appropriate for the question you're asking. But non the less, Could you give any prior experience or what you're attempting to make? Could help any of the scripters here if they have any experience in the subject you're asking.
  11. I can't find @Mute's Slayer forum topic nor on the repo so I'm assuming it's no longer available. {W} Zulrah Slayer, Sigma Magic, Assume Staker are all, Auth's per; 2 weeks, 30 days & 180 days. Any scripts you purchased, may have been foir week/month auths. Unless you can provide further details of the transactions & when they took place. If you can do so I believe a member of staff may be able to look further into it.
  12. Why don't you post the bot debug. underneath the client there is a box; https://gyazo.com/06bec3a0493f7cd4467cff7ea54a6496 Ctrl+A, CTRL+C. Paste the contents of that on this thread so the owner of the script can advise you further. Make sure you've also read the instructions on how to use the script correctly if there is any. Found it for you regardless, See below and ensure you've followed this correctly for the script to function. Set-up Disable middle wheel mouse zoom and fully zoom out! If using Looking Glass, hook the client to 64-bit OSBuddy! Set up
  13. Matt

    Buying 1.1b

    Prices & rates change on a daily basis. You're better off asking when the time comes
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