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  1. @Assume got 11 perma bans on the Assume Staker, GG guys!
  2. I sent a message to Assume, he is a very nice guy btw... i wanna see what you guys thinks about this: • The bot should turn into a session mode after staking some1 3 or more times, it looks bot familiar running all the way to the same space, the bot should accept duels in the process of running back.And when the duels are done it should just go back to normal. • When accepting a duel, after a few second of not getting any bet from the other person the bot should add the min. money value or click on 3 coins…this usually means go ahead add some money. • The bot shows certain flaws when the loaded options charge way too fast, it tends to go on a loop with clicking on the helm or the cape, this happens several times. • When the other person is getting cleaned and doesn’t have the min. value, if the cash he is adding is 10% less of the min. value the bot should put this amount also. • And finally the items price check on real time, and the bot should add the money only when the price of the item is inbetween the established range.(OSBuddy price guide is very accurate) I know some of this suggestions might be hard or you could find them useless. I really don’t mean to offend you man, I only wish the script to get in the best shape as possible. P.S: English isnt my first language, so dont be grammar nazis
  3. Sold another 300M 07 gold via paypal, really fast trade and payment. Thank you Rija Divica
  4. Sold 300M 07 Gold to Divica, as always fast, trust and best rates. Tyvm!!! <3
  5. Yes the same... isnt showing my scripts
  6. Big vouch to Probemas! We did 2 trade one of 90 and one of 225M, total 315M. Instant money on my PayPal after trade. I recommend to do any transaction with him. Cheers
  7. Hello Assume i am back, when i run my bot the account stays without moving. It types and does almost everything, except it doesn´t accept any duels it doesn´t even matter if they are lower combat....any tips? Thank you so much like always!
  8. The bot was working perfectly the last year for me, i even have 3 lifetime auths.But this past month the bot has made me lose over 330M, it simply won`t change the dds to d scim.I really need help, i would suggest to check it.And this isn`t even because of DDOS in W1.Please help me! It just stays with the dds poking....
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