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  1. works fine for me, youre doing something wrong
  2. Thanks for the update, that was news worthy
  3. i think you need to be more prepared. 100-400 is pee-nuts
  4. There are no grounds here for refund since the Script is working exactly as advertised. It's just that the repository is yet to be fixed so no one can push any update to fix these small bugs u encountered. If you restart the script and setup the GUI correctly then it should work just fine.
  5. https://gyazo.com/7693ff6b3e35be447e33feed6b483592 Don't blame the script if you cant setup the gui. I've been running it without any issues and just looking at the hiscores you can see just how "useless" it is
  6. Ye, all the things you mentioned happen to me as well when I use daxwalker, but if you use custom navigation it would bug out alot less often but currently there's a bug that causes more deaths with custom navigation than with daxwalker. So if you want less deaths but more crashes then use dax walker, and vice versa.
  7. Script works and has been working for long time now. Make sure youve read the thread details carefully and have the GUI setup correctly.
  8. You're joking right? you call that a progess to back up ur "smart" botting steps?
  9. This has been asked before by someone else and gods said he has no plans in the future to add restocker
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