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  1. make sure you make the account through the proxy too by using Maxthon browser
  2. your IP is flagged and you should use proxies
  3. I always use whatsmyip to make sure im on my proxy IP and it does show my proxy ip as IPv4 but it also shows my Local IP (MAC address) which does not change, i've read in an earlier topic that Jagex can NOT see the MAC address, but it seems that CAPTCHA (which is an external service, integrated within jagex's website) CAN see the MAC address and thus block access when there are too many requests coming from same MAC address this is only a hypothesis, please correct me if necessary
  4. I was creating accounts through the Maxthon browser using a different proxy for each and every account, after making a few accounts (making sure every proxy is set correctly) i got this message from the CAPTCHA does this mean CAPTCHA is able to see my MAC address? if so, i'm fked right?
  5. people keep paying while author is not actively making an effort to update his script or support his paying subscribers for months already
  6. DaxWebWalker still outdated @Tri keeps saying he will fix it "within a few hours" since tuesday now while our investments go to waste, bonds, auths & proxies running out etc im quite dissappointed now and im not gonna wait for Tri to fulfil his empty words, i'm at the point of moving forward to another script because this one is dying out 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] I think that I deserve the scripter rank because I am very active on the community, and provide very fast updates to my bots even if they are not asked for. OK author is not actively making an effort to update his script or support his paying subscribers for months already
  7. In order to make our bots be more humanlike we can implement pre-written or collected conversation data which we can use to make our bots have an automated dialogue through private message assuming jagex have insight into our ingame private conversations (i think they do because ingame conversations are saved in some database, which they can take, read and use as evidence when reported for offensive language) social behavior might be an important aspect when deciding whether a player is bot or human as most bots have never written a single word. implementing a universal bot-convo system like this: There will be talk-bots set up specifically to send/answer messages to subscribed bots, which are in turn doing their usual bot task while talking to the talk bot (assuming the script writer has implemented the universal system into their script) pre written dialogues: hi will always result into hi, hello or sup (could be randomly generated) game related conversation like "you will need 70 ranged for black dhide" automatic response "omg that will take so long.." the downside might be when the talk bot gets caught, so will all the message recipients.. although im not sure this would happen
  8. yes it does now because i bought it again for 2 credits
  9. does it support safe spotting?
  10. The sale of this script has been suspended. Reason: The script is in need of an update. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1247
  11. current botters are struggling already and future botters might find their investment not having a viable output thus quit at early stages might take all aspect in consideration - time = money - bonds - proxies - pc upgrades (expensive CPU & RAM) - script - VIP access
  12. I remember buying VIP-E around a week ago and its already expired for some odd reason, while i still have the regular VIP for 8 days left, why is this? anyone?
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