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  1. You planning on bringing this script back?
  2. Your puro puro script is broken for me, mind getting on Skype/Discord?

    1. YoHoJo


      Just post on the thread with info like this:


  3. @Usa banking is broken? Just says "waiting for bank to load" :(
  4. Well the script I was mentioning I have the source too iirc. I can send it to you if you'd like, it would get you 7qp so you could buy/sell from GE
  5. Better gear as levels get higher! There was a script on OSB0t that would do Tutorial Island for you, get you to 1-15cb from doing chickens, picking up feathers and selling them, then doing cows from 15-45 and doing flesh crawlers! So I was thinking maybe we could somehow work as a community and make a script that has a system that chooses a task, gets it done (instead of switching every 15~ minutes) and eventually add cooking! I don't think it'd be that hard to add looting/chickens etc for GP for better gear!
  6. Have you thought about adding GE support?
  7. Did you try deleting the entire .tribot folder? It fixed all issues for me!
  8. Script is broken, think you could fix it? I absolutely loved it!
  9. Would this be possible in the next release? @TRiLeZ
  10. Holy fuck man this is sexy as shit! You should add me on Discord and we can talk about it Night#0001
  11. How many of you guys have actually used this as a Zulrah farm script? Does it scale well? How is it compared to the competitors etc Would love to hear some feedback! Also how are banrates on mains?
  12. Can you please add support to wear a seers ring instead of the ring of dueling? And is there any way you could add stamina potion support so I can camp about 3-4 chests each run? Thanks!
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