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  1. Hi Naton, Just re-purchased the nBlast Furnace script the other day and am having issues running two instances. I currently only have one open, however it's telling me that I've maxed out. Has this instance count changed since the new interface was implemented? Thanks! edit: I was able to track down more information regarding how many auths are provided with the script purchased. The new interface lacks a lot of pertinent information that the old repository had. Is there any way I can upgrade to two instances? Let me know how to we can proceed! Thanks!
  2. The script always pauses in the bank when I am making fire runes using the ring of dueling teleport. It gets stuck when it says "banking for ring". Please help. I want to buy this script.
  3. Hello, I'm fairly new to the botting scene and I was wondering how many bots can you guys run through looking glass efficiently? I ran three different accounts yesterday for a couple hours and it seemed fine but now I want to ramp up my production. How many bots can I run effectively without getting banned? Thanks!
  4. Hey Einstein, I've been noticing that my bot consistently logs out and logs back in when world hopping.. Is this a normal feature? I figured it was misclicking "log out" instead of world hop since I've seen it successfully hop without logging..
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