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  1. While I'm by no means an expert, I feel qualified to answer your questions, as I was in the same situation as you a couple of years ago and I've been scripting on tribot since then. I suggest you gain a strong understanding of the java basics before you start scripting, it will make life so much easier for you. Once you learn java, learning to script on tribot specifically will come very quickly. I recommend the cave of programming java tutorial for beginners course on youtube. I suggest watching the first 25 videos, that will be enough for scripting on tribot. Don't just passively watch it, make sure you have a thorough understanding of it. Putting in the time to learn the basics will save you so much time in the long run because it will improve your efficiency in scripting. Once you feel comfortable with java, you should read the source code of top scripters here for inspiration for how to set out your code. Don't make the mistake I did of starting out with a really complex script. Start with something really basic like a script that cuts trees and banks, then move onto more complex stuff when you feel confident with that. If you are serious about improving, you should upload your code onto the forums or discord for feedback. I am sure there will be people willing to help you improve. You should focus on writing clean, readible code because it will save you so much time in the future. Learning the skills to begin scripting will come quickly. It shouldn't take you more than a few weeks with your hours. But learning to script well(creating efficient, clean code) will take much longer and will come from you scripting and scrutinisng your own code. For coding, there is a support section on the tribot discord that you can use. For gold farming, you should join the discord for Worthy's zulrah slayer. I don't have the link for them but they should be here somewhere. Feel free to ask me any further questions.
  2. This kind of thing usually happens if you use a data centre proxy to do tutorial island.
  3. The 'account disabled' screen changed very recently. That would be why. Use colour detection to fix it.
  4. Already checked that. Unfortunately on that page nothing is shown under "Launching examples:", it's just a blank space. The page shows how to add things like proxy and script name, but doesn't show what the actual string of text you're supposed to enter looks like.
  5. Are people still successfully running mass f2p farms?
  6. Wow I've spent way too much time manually walking to places to get the coordinates
  7. Wow. For an afk task where you're constantly moving your mouse to another window that must be a pretty blatant give away that you're a bot
  8. I'm impressed by the number of features this script has. With the automatic axe upgrading, how will the account gather the funds to buy the axes on the exchange? I'm also interested in the mathematical formula you use for determining which account to accept trades from. Mind sharing some details about it?
  9. shadster4321

    Delay Bans

    Nice, is that in f2p or p2p?
  10. Damn, that code is really nice. It fixes the 'arrow code' problem that I had, making it much easier to understand. I doubt I would have thought of this myself. Are there any ways I can improve my ability to write my code in a more logical way like yours?
  11. I considered that but I was worried it would break the principle of a function only doing one thing because the function would then create both oak and wooden chairs
  12. I have two different methods: public static void constructCrudeWoodenChairs() { boolean isAtHouse = isAtHouse(); if (isAtHouse && isInBuildingMode()) { if (Inventory.getCount("Plank") >= 2) { if (!isChairConstructed()) { if (!isBuildChairInterfaceOpen()) { openBuildChairInterface(); } else { clickBuildCrudeWoodenChair(); } } else { removeChair(); } } else { goToCastleWars(); } } else if (isAtHouse && !isInBuildingMode()) { enterBuildingMode(); } else if (isAtCastle()) { bankForChairs("Plank"); } else { goToHouse(); } } and public static void constructOakChairs() { boolean isAtHouse = isAtHouse(); if (isAtHouse && isInBuildingMode()) { if (Inventory.getCount("Oak plank") >= 2) { if (!isChairConstructed()) { if (!isBuildChairInterfaceOpen()) { openBuildChairInterface(); } else { clickBuildOakChair(); } } else { removeChair(); } } else { goToCastleWars(); } } else if (isAtHouse && !isInBuildingMode()) { enterBuildingMode(); } else if (isAtCastle()) { bankForChairs("Oak plank"); } else { goToHouse(); } } These methods are identical except for two things and I am trying to keep to the principle of avoiding repeated code. Is there a way for me to not use the same code twice here?
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