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  1. My 15 year old account with no botting history got banned two days after using this script. I used this bot only in my watch (except for the one time where I had the full screen option on and it bugged out for like 6 hours). Twice, for six hours, to communicate with people, change the mouse clicks up a little, and I just received a ban. Falcons is very buggy, hits the tree every now and then (no shift drop option), chins work exactly like a bot - no randomized placement by the script if all else fails, so if someone fucks your spot then youre SOL and they know youre a bot. Wouldn'
  2. Doesn't support castle wars teak. Also, at draynor, on a level 3, you just sit there and get attacked by the wizards until you die.. Oaks don't work at draynor either. Just runs to the prison and gets stuck.. Sigh
  3. Why would it bank silk? How do I enable hotkey power dropping? EDIT: Wouldn't recommend this script. Based off of 30 minutes of watching it. 1) No shift drop, 2) mixes stalls up in Ardy 3)acts like a total bot I don't know how to explain it but you can just tell its a bot 4) thieves from the silk stall right next to the guards (no smart thieving feature?) 5)took silk off ground Was just very buggy and glitchy all around. I wouldn't if you semi-care about your account. If you're just suiciding, then whatever.
  4. I've been holding shift down when the inv is full and holy shit the XP/Ph is so much more at falcons. Pls add hotkeys
  5. Fixed the problem. Now, is there shift dropping? You lose lots of exp with this catching everything THEN dropping the inventory all at once and resuming. Should have hotkey option Glithc occurs where it clicks the tree every once and a while, so dont carry an axe or your inventory will end up all logs and the bot wont drop logs.
  6. is there a way for me to enable the bot to shift drop hotkey??
  7. And are there any working scripts? I'm confused as fuck. I feel like I just joined an outdated bot forum lol. I see hunting scripts posted from 2015..
  8. I have been playing RS since 01-02. I've been in the botting world nearly as soon as it came out. It's crazy that in the hunter section, some other skills, theres only one or two active scripts still going? Where are all the scripters? Besides the point, I tried this hunter thing and it worked OK while it was doing birds (still jammed up overnight) I take the thing to Falcons and run it 13 hours with break handler on. No breaks are taken after the 5hr gametime I set it to, bones were buried on my level 3skiller, the thing kept losing the falcon and spam clicking quick-prayer (idk if this is ho
  9. Just ran the script for 13 hours with break handler set up(apparently no breaks were taken) came home, and its sitting at the corner of falcons. Only caught 200 kebbit over 13 hours. GG my account. How do I fix this shit? I'm pretty pissed about this. Just checked my game chat options and looks like the bot was clicking on quick prayer for 10 hours. Nice. AND apparently world hopper doesnt work either when another hunter is found. EDIT AGAIN: Sitting here watching it, it just lost a falcon- returned to ask the guy for one - then clicked quick prayer. I'd
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