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  1. I haven't been able to get the ZMI feature working. I currently have all things set up like instructed, but it gets stuck on trying to take out energy/superenergy pots from the bank. Could you please let me know when an update for that is up and running? I would certainly pay for the script if that feature worked.
  2. @warfront1 This looks intriguing but I'm looking for a script that does this: Just curious if this is still maintained as I am definitely looking to purchase something that can do what I've noted above. Cheers, P
  3. Hey @Aropupu I'm having an issue with the bot when smithing cannonballs at the Edgeville furnace. What happens is the bot clicks on the steel bar, then on the furnace but misses the furnace and gets caught in a loop looking for the option to "make cannonballs". The interface with all the various types of bar choices to smelt is where it gets stuck - hovering the mouse back and forth on an infinite loop. If you could implement a safeguard to prevent this, it would be a flawless script. Cheers, P P.S. Perhaps it could be on my end, but I don't think so. I'll wait to hear
  4. @adamhackz I am looking for a scripter to look into this. By means of various dock locations, it's just so when you world-hop you don't run into others doing the same thing so you can be efficient. I am by no means a scripter, but I'd definitely be willing to pay if someone were to create a script that has everything I have suggested! It's a matter of community support, the more people who like the idea, the higher the likelihood that someone will decide on creating one. P
  5. Evening all, I'm looking for a crafting/magic script that can: 1. Purchase Buckets of Sand & Soda Ash at various dock locations. 2. Use the lunar spell SuperGlass Make to melt the glass. 3. Use a blowpipe to craft the glass into various items which are sold afterwards. 4. Hop worlds and repeat the process. This is an effective ironman method to get crafting to a higher level. I am willing to discuss payment options if a script like this were to surface. I look forward to hearing back from the community on this. Very curious to see how many people would be interest
  6. Hey Aropupu, thanks for this awesome script my dude! I plan on purchasing it very shortly after the trial runs out. If you do continue to update the script with new features, here are a couple things that you should consider: Most accounts aren't going to have the Kandaran hard diaries done; therefore it may be helpful to implement more frequent and fluent alching while making the long run back from the end of the Seer's course to the beginning. Currently, the script alchs once during the run whereas a real player would be alching the majority of alchs per lap during this period. I
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